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Welcome to the Aquarius Condominium's Website!

This Website is being designed to become the complete communication solution for the condominium Board and its residents. Currently, home-based internet use is spread at a remarkable 85%; communities of every size and sophistication have shifted toward internet, emails, searches, and proprietary websites. You really do not have to be a “rocket scientist” for using a website and even for undertaking one! Just get a right provider, customize the offered solution, and you are in business.

Viewers from the general public will be free to access and see who we are, familiarize themselves with our location, buildings, amenities, and individual units. They can see what is for sale and what is for rent. They can view currently intended jobs and bid for them. They could even advertise their services for us in the “Classified” section of the site, provided that they apply via the e-form and get approval from the administration.

The owners are offered much more capabilities and features, once they Log-in into the proprietary section of the site. Of course, a new user must first Sign-up by filling in an appropriate e-form, and clicking to submit. Once the Aquarius Administration reviews and approves the application, the owner is notified by e-mail, and then – the sky is the limit!

The most recent news, the calendar of events, the announcements, the status of projects and their financials – you name it, and it will literally be at the tips of your fingers. All the updates will be posted frequently, as the events occur. You do not need to wait a month or so for the written source of information that might appear under your door. Keeping the residents in the loop no longer takes the hours of time going door to door, posting fliers, or making phone calls. Sending out new information to residents takes minutes through this website.

Moreover, through the discussion board, the messaging feature, the survey prompt and vote, and the e-mails, owners will have the capability  to express their opinions, have them read by others, offer suggestions and read those from other unit owners. The security and concierge service are not forgotten either. You may see that a package is waiting for your pick up, or you may report an incident for attention of the security guard on duty.  There is a fun part too – sharing recipes, downloading photo albums, making a reservation for a facility for a family event, and … even paying your maintenance fees on line.

OK. The future is bright! But, please, be patient. The development of this Website will represent an ongoing effort and will evolve and grow over time by the efforts of the Board and volunteers. We will start with the less and together we eventually will evolve into much more. So, be an adventurist and dive into it!